Clear Acrylic Splashbacks | Clear Kitchen Splash Backs (2023)

Clear Acrylic Splashbacks

The Plastic People's clear acrylic splashbacks areperfect for DIYer's, designers, builders, renovators and architects where a stunning image upgrade is needed quickly and cost effectively in homes or businesses.

Our clearacrylic splashbacks are created by our plastic experts using crystal clear acrylic (Perspex) renowned for its depth of colour,durability, flexibility and workability.

The result is ahand crafted splashbackwith providingahigh end look at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.

They are ideal in kitchens, bathrooms, vanities, spa surroundings, commercial fit outs, commercial wet areas, counter/bar fronts, as decorative wall features, for shop fittings and signage.

Our clear acrylic splashbacks are also ideal for covering and protecting artwork and wall coverings.

How To Order Your Splashback

  1. Please use our Cut To Size Quote Calculator above - firstly,enter your measurements
  2. Let us know which Optional Extras you'd like. For example, the number of holes or socket holes you need.
  3. Upload your drawing to show us yourrequirements (for example,where your socket hole(s) should go ). Your drawingwill arrive with our team once you have placed your order through our checkout.

Bigger Sizes Available

If the splashback you require is larger than online ordering will allow, please contact our friendly team of plastic experts who will be happy to help.

Special Shapes

  1. We also cut splashbacks to shape. Access this service via the Cut To Shape tab which you'll find at the top of our Quote Calculator.
  2. Choose from the popular shapes we have available
  3. Upload your drawing to show us yourrequirements (for example,where your socket hole(s) should go ). Your drawingwill arrive with our team once you have placed your order through our checkout.
  4. You can also let us know about any special comments you may have in the Comments box as youcheckout.

Alternatively, email us a drawing of yourrequirements for a quote. We're happy to help.

If you'd like to speak with our friendly team they can reached on 0113 249 2222.

Other Colours

Follow these links to see our hi-gloss splashbacks, sparklesplashbacks, matt splashbacks and coloured splashbacks. If you're looking for a special colour, please speak with our friendly team who may be able to source it for you.

(Video) How To Install An Acrylic Splashback - DIY At Bunnings

Easy Maintenance

  • Acrylic splashbacks keep dust and grease marks off much more than stainless steel and glass.
  • Acrylic splashbacks are very hygienic because there are few, if any, joins - andthere's no more grouting.
  • Use warm water with a small amount of mild detergent and a soft cotton cloth to clean acrylic.
    Alternatively we'revery impressed with the results from acrylic cleaner VuPlex which polishes acrylic to a high shine in seconds. Keep your acrylic looking like brand new by adding VuPlex acrylic cleaner to your order today.

Simple Installation

  • Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are half the weight of an equivalent glass sheet and 25 x more impact resistant - this makes themvery light and safe to handle
  • Fitting is typically 4 x faster than glass splashbacks or ceramic tiles
  • Our splashbacks can be screwedto new and existingwalls. We can pre-drill holes for you, just select them in our form above. We suggest you order your holes and screws every 500mm.
  • Our non translucent splashbacks can also be fixed to new and existing walls using adhesive. We recommend the wall area is prepared white and StrongStuff adhesive is thinly and evenly spread across the entire splashback before fixing into place.Please note that StrongStuff dries white, not clear. A 200ml tube covers approx 2 square metres.

  • Any joins can be sealed using neutral transparent silicone

Cooker Safe

  • Acrylic splashbacks can be used behind cookers. The distance between the outer edge of a ceramic hob and the wall must be at least 60mm. The distance for gas hobs must be atleast 200mm.

Colour Advice

  • If you are unsure of a colour we recommend purchasing a sample so you can check it before placing yourorder.
  • For large scale commercial projectsour helpful Customer Services team can advice about morespecific colour requirements, eg) to match schemes or brand colours.
Can I fit an acrylic splashback myself ?

Because our acrylic splashbacks are so light they are very easy to lift and manoeuvre making fitting fairly easy. They can be either screwed or glued to your wall. If you choose a clear or translucent splashback we recommend fitting the splashback with screws because adhesive will be visible through clear and translucent acrylic.

Fitting is typically 4 x faster than glass splashbacks or ceramic tiles.

Can I put an acrylic splashback behind a hob ?

Acrylic splashbacks can go behind hobs but a safe distance must be kept.
The distance between the outer edge of a ceramic hob and the wall must be at least 60mm.
The distance for gas hobs must be at least 200mm.

(Video) DIY Acrylic Splashback (Laundry Renovation Part 6)
How do I measure up for a splashback ?

To produce a splashback for your space we will need measurements of that area – for example, the length and width and measurements for any special cut outs. Alternatively you can always make a template of the area and post it to use if that is easier.

How many screw holes should I have on my splashback to fit it safely ?

We recommend that there are screws fixed approximately every 300mm.

How should acrylic splashbacks be cleaned ?

We are often asked about the best way to care for acrylic splashbacks.

Acrylic splashbacks can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth. Most splashbacks will be seamless — just wipe them clean with water, there’s no longer any worry about bacteria being trapped in grout.

No chemical cleaning products should be used on acrylic as this will lead to damage to the acrylic.

Alternatively, we are very impressed with suitable cleaner Vuplex for a shiny, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no smears or smudges. It makes colored plastics vibrant, clear plastics virtually transparent and plastic paints gleaming like new. Vuplex isa product which delivers fast quality results with minimal effort and fuss. It also protects new plastic from scratches and grime and restores plastic which has fine scratches and in ground grime.

Is acrylic heat resistant ?

Acrylic is heat resistant up to 70 degrees.

We offer a1 hour delivery time sloton most of our orders sized under 1m. When your order is on its way you will receive a link to re-arrange this time to better suit if you wish.

Our larger orders are delivered via specialist couriers and we will email you the day before their delivery.

Whichever delivery option you choose, you will see your expected delivery date before you checkout. If you choose our standard delivery, this date is an estimate.

StandardDelivery - £9.00
All orders are delivered using our standard delivery service unless you choose our next day service.

Standard deliveryis usually 5 - 7 working days. Orders with optional extras or cut-to-shape pieces can take longer.

Where possible, we will let you know if something is going to take longer than expected.

Standard delivery dates are estimated so please allow time to receive and check your order before you need to use the material or before contractors are due to begin work. If you need your delivery for a specific day, consider using either our Next Day or Named Day shipping services.

There are certain postcodes where we cannot deliver to at our offer price of £9.00. They are postcodes with prefix letters PA and PH (charged at £30) and BT, GY, HS, IM, IV, JE, KW, PO Isle of Wight,TR and ZE (charged at £40).

Next Day Delivery - £25.00
We can deliver orders for clear acrylic, polycarbonate (up to 12mm thick) and silver acrylic mirror next day.Where next day delivery is available we will offer you this choice during checkout.

Please order before 1pm. Orders received after 1pm will be delivered the following working day after. Working days are Monday to Friday; weekends and public holidays are excluded.

If any items ordered on a next day delivery are out of stock, we will contact you to organise alternative arrangements.

Named Day Delivery - £15.00

(Video) HALF PRICE GLASS SPASHBACK | How to Make Your Own Glass Splashback

We have listened to your feedback & can now offer a named day delivery service across all of our products.

Just add your plastic to your basket and select Named Day as the delivery option, and then pick your chosen delivery day.

No more guessing when your parcels will arrive.


Safe Delivery
If we think that your order cannot be delivered safely using our standard service, we will contact you to let you know and discuss the delivery options with you. This normally is only the case for orders so large they need to be delivered on a pallet.

We recommend you allow time between receiving your delivery and starting any work in case any part of your order needs to be replaced.

Collection -
You are welcome to collect your order at our Trade Counter - please select this option during checkout. This service is free.

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we are only allowing collection by appointment.

Our Trade Counter is open from 8am until 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8am until 3pm on Fridays.We are closed on weekends and bank holidays.

To find out more about our delivery service and charges, please click here to visit our delivery information page.

(Video) Installing & cutting a kitchen acrylic splashback from B&Q made by Splashwall

Help & Advice

For more help, advice and examples of innovative use of plastic throughout the home and garden, why not


visit our blog.


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