Top 5 Best HVLP Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint (2023 Review) - Pro Paint Corner (2023)

And who uses a paintbrush anymore when there are so many affordable HVLPpaint sprayers for a fine finish that can be delivered to your doorstep?

Oh, and by the way - we already did the research on which are the best HVLP paint sprayers for latex paint.

We recommend that you open each paint spray gun link, and compare which one is the best latex paint sprayer for your project!

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use the best HVLP paint sprayers for latex paint.

What Are HVLP Paint Sprayers For Latex Paint?

HVLP sprayers work with High-volume and lowpressure, which means they can dispense a large amount of paint while maintaining a relatively low pressure when compared to older stand airless sprayers that are powered by a stainless steel piston pump/air compressor at higher pressures.

One of the great advantages of HVLP sprayers is that they are lower maintenance, easier to clean, and you are at a lower risk of making mistakes because the paint comes out at a lower pressure and doesn't clog up as fast.

Throw the paint roller to the side, but keep the paintbrush around for any minor touchups that you might have to perform along the way.

What Are The Different Types of HVLP Spray Guns For Latex Paint?


The most common HVLP is a pistol paint gun with a hopper reservoir that screws into it allowing you to paint indoor/outdoor projects by simply running an extension cord to the area you are looking to paint - and in fact -some handheld HVLP sprayers are battery-poweredgiving you the ultimate freedom to apply paint when and where you want it.


Some HVLP guns have a more stationary design where the motor stays on the ground and sends air through a hose to the pistol.

Plastic casing

Most handheld guns are made ofplasticwhich means they are super lightweight, but this doesn't mean that they are any lower in quality.

Metal casing

Products like the Fiji precision paint gun has a metal turbine casing that protects its contents to help them have a longer shelf life.

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How Does HVLP Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint Work?

Here are some characteristics of an HVLP paint sprayer:


HVLP sprayers use turbines(fans) instead of a compressor or piston to propel the paint onto its surface. This is a relatively new technology that is great to work with.

For example, the Wagner we have favorited on this page has a 10-stage turbine.


HVLP sprayers aren't designed to dispense large amounts of paint at a time like a standing airless sprayer.

Instead, they have a paint hopper or reservoir where the paint is poured in to be atomized by the turbine.


We are starting to see more and more lithium-ion-powered HVLP sprayers that use the same battery as your impact drill, for example, and are super convenient for painting hard to reach surfaces.

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What To Look For In The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint?

Speed settings/flow-control/adjustable pressure

Each sprayer recommended list has its own speed setting for pressure controlknob that helps paint spraying go smoother and also prevents the sprayer from clogging.

Check out all the buttons and learn what they do before purchasing!


Nothing will give you more freedom than an HVLP sprayer that runs off of a lithium-ion battery.

Quality/Check price

Since HVLP sprayers are relatively inexpensive, it's smart to check out what other buyers have said about each product. We only include products that are well-reviewed by customers, so you can't go wrong with choosing one of our recommendations!


Since most of these machines have delicate plastic parts, it's a smart idea to buy one that comes with a warranty, so if the trigger or something breaks, you have a solution that isn't going to cost you more money.

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A great example of versatility is the Wagner Spraytech that comes with two different spray nozzles and reservoirs with different spray patterns/tip sizes for completing smaller and larger projects.

Nozzle sizes/number of spray tips

Each of these products comes with a different number of nozzle sizes and spray tips for paint flow that you will want to take into consideration when buying specific paints.

Hose length/cable length

Taking note of how long the hose and cables are will guide you in your purchase for the perfect HVLP sprayer for you.

Cleaning procedure

For example, some guns allow you to connect the garden hose to power flush out thelatexpaint.


Some sprayer designs have a reversible tip that allows the painter to twist it the other direction in the event that it clogs up.

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Our Reviews Of The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint

Wagner is a leader in paint sprayers with a flawless German design that will leave you with a professional-grade paint job.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up a Wagner spray gun from Amazon at the lowest possible price, and have it(and other painting supplies) shipped straight to your doorstep for convenient use.

Choosing & Using The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer For Latex Paint

We kept it to a top-five list because these are without a doubt five of the best paint sprayers on the market for spraying latexpaints.

A Safe Reminderto always keep safety in mind when painting.

Here's a short list of items you should use to protect your safety when painting:

Cotton mask/respirator

Latex paint won't do too much harm to your respiratory system, but other paints will. Regardless of the facts, it's better to filter the air you are breathing while painting to avoid health problems.

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Safety glasses

Even theoversprayfrom using a high-pressuregun can land in your eyes which is why it's important to always use eye protection when spraying.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile glovesaren'tasnecessary considering that latex paint is basically liquid rubber that dries on the surface of your skin and is easy to flake off, however, nitrile gloves are always a nice commodity to have around to keep your hands ready for a business deal while painting.

Other Supplies That Are A Necessity Need For A Successful Spray PaintJob

Aside from a paint sprayer, you're going to need some other tools and products to get the job done whether you're painting the whole house or just the garage door. Here are a few things you'll want:

Paint masker

If you are a frequent painter and don't yet have a paint masker, go and pick one up off Amazon for ~$30.

A paint masker attaches the painter's tape with a paper or masking film so that they simultaneously roll out onto the protected surface. You will save lots of time on all of your next paint jobs.

Masking film

3M makes some great masking films that you can attach to your paint masker to help easily cover up objects that you don't want to get paint on while spraying.

Masking film comes in the clutch in all aspects, whether you need to quickly cover up the windows,soffit, and fascia, or cover a couch from getting paint on it.

Sandpaper/sanding pole/sanding sponge

Don't forget tosandthe surface of your project before painting for excellent paint adhesion.

You can sand walls with some 120-grit sandpaper attached to a sanding pole, and trim work with a medium-grit sanding sponge.


Buy somespackle, and mix it with some blue dye to make problem spots easier to find and sand over before painting. You'll also need a good and flexible putty knife for applying the spackle.

Caulk/caulk gun

Don't forget toseal in all the cracksin trim work and siding before painting to get the most out of your paint job.

Remember, painting is done not only for physical appearance, but it also helps to protect your home or business from the elements on the inside and outside.

Flashlight/flood light

If you want to get real technical about your paint job(especially on the interior), you'll shine a light directly on the surface of what you are painting to get a good look at all of its imperfections before applying the paintandafterward when performing spot-caulking and spot-spackling.

Ladders: step ladder, telescoping A-frame ladder

Most paint jobs require that you at least use a step ladder to get the job done. We've also done some research to find some of the best ladders on the market.

(Video) Top 5 Best Airless Paint Sprayers Review in 2023

  • Nail set

The nail set is a small, spring-loaded tool that comes in handy to knock nails back into their holes before applying paint.

  • Razorblade

You will need a razor blade to accurately cut tape into the corners.

How To Save Money When Painting

Use the online marketplace

You can use the online marketplace to buy and sell paints at a cheaper price than you would normally purchase them new.

Paint it yourselfORhire a handyman

You will save a significant amount of money if you perform the job yourself.

In the event that you don't have enough personal time to finish the paint job, you could always hire a handyman, and pay them at an hourly rate.

Use the internet for painting guides

Not sure how to complete the specific painting job in front of you? Check out more Youtube videos and tutorials on Google, and we're sure you'll be a paint master by the time you have seen a few.


Overspray is a common occurrence when first learning how to use a paint sprayer. New painters should take into consideration that nothing in the room is safe from overspray when painting indoors.

You can use a palm sander/orbital sander to sand off any parts of the wall that are victims of a trigger happy beginner that applied way too much paint.

Don't forget to clean your paint sprayer immediately after paintingto avoidclogsand keep your gun in top condition. Read the manufacturer's instructions on how to disassemble and clean your new paint sprayer, and keep a close eye on any small parts that you take out along the way.

Water will work just fine for cleaning latex paint out of your HVLP sprayer, but you could also try something like rubbing alcohol or paint thinner,mineral spirits, or lacquer thinner for stronger paint removal.

Feeling Artistic? Try An Airbrush!

Airbrushing allows painters to get creative about their painting projects. Use one of our recommended HVLP sprayers to paint a solid background, and then try something like thisairbrush kitto help you paint something artistic and marvelous.

Because life is too short to paint only a solid color!

Test Paint Viscosity With a Viscosity Cup

Did you know you can test the thickness(viscosity) of your paint with a quick test from aviscositycup?

Just simply dip the cup into the paint, and time the number of seconds it takes for there to be a break in the paint stream. If the paint flows for anywhere from 20-30 seconds, then it will work just fine to spray latex through an HVLP paint sprayer.

(Video) Top 5 Best Electric Paint Sprayers Review In 2023

And don't forget to stir the paint before pouring it into your paint sprayer! Unthinned paint could make your life difficult when putting it in an HVLP sprayer, so the viscosity cup is key!

We want your paint job to turn out impeccably. Please don't hesitate to ask us any and all paint questions on ourPro Paint Cornerpage.


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